Our Story

Through a high degree of specialisation, we offer deep, locally relevant expertise in diverse domains. Using new-world technologies, we create, build and manage innovative services and solutions––today.

Understanding and managing what is next in a complex world helps us create a better future.

We do this by skilfully merging smart thinking with sustainable outcomes. As we enter into a connected future, new-world problems demand smart and resilient solutions.

Where others fragment, we harness the power of interconnectivity through independent domains that are at the very top of their fields, while retaining the ability to collaborate and converge to create value.

Interconnectivity is more than a philosophy

It’s how we do business.

Through it, we create rolling value and holistic solutions that build towards our greater narrative of improving the lives of our people, customers and society.

Not every company can claim it deeply impacts the foundation of today and tomorrow’s society. NEXTEC can.

We create ripples that inspire, energise and imagine, and bead out into waves of cumulative change.

We do it every day, across the country, and across the continent.