Workforce Management in the cloud

Workforce Management in the cloud

Companies need to cut rising infrastructure and staff costs. There is much hype surrounding ‘cloud computing’.  Many companies want their applications moved from ‘on-premise’ to cloud-based (or SaaS – Software-as-a-Service) platforms.   The cloud-trend is apparent in offerings from large organisations such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Sage.

Companies often overlook Workforce Management (WFM), or the old term of ‘Time and Attendance’ systems. Managing time worked, is a manual process for many companies.  They still rely on outdated systems that are difficult to use and inflexible. Fortunately, there are options available to companies wanting to upgrade.

Cloud-based solutions bring several benefits for the company and employees. A hosted approach provides a single platform with remote support, backup and upgrades.  Companies can use the latest technology without the hassle of managing it. They can focus on managing their workforce efficiently.

NEXTEC’s Workforce Management solution in the cloud is modular, catering for all aspects of the workforce.  Customers may choose to run the application on premise or in the cloud.

We have a new approach to employee management software.  We optimise and improve business processes, rather than just automating existing ones.  We use technologies such as mobility, 3G biometric readers, and powerful rules engines.  The solution is easy to use and quick to deploy.

The NEXTEC Workforce Management solution includes:

  • Core HR – manage and maintain the full spectrum of employee records including training and disciplinary details
  • Time and Attendance – employee attendance and absence tracking and management
  • Shift Based Scheduling – scheduling and assigning shifts with alerts for compliance with the Labour Law
  • Time Costing – single to multiple level for department costing allocation.
  • Clocking Devices – cloud-based hardware provides the means to capture the employee’s time according to work schedules or shifts. These devices include Biometric 3G readers as well as Smart Phones.

Cloud based attendance technology is accessible from an employee’s smart device. It allows them to keep track of their schedules, no matter where they are.  This is particularly valuable in remote working conditions and tracking. Data collection happens from multiple locations, satellite offices or as captured by flexi workers.

We focus on how our technology can gather the intelligence organisations need to:

  • Make better business decisions
  • Automate processes to reduce errors
  • Start driving ROI as soon as possible

NEXTEC is already well-known for our powerful and flexible workforce management solutions. Adding a cloud-based offering gives our clients even more business value.

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