Delivering Africa’s most precious resource to communities in need

Delivering Africa’s most precious resource to communities in need

Water is a scarce resource in Africa and a basic need for all people.  Access to clean, safe water impacts health, agriculture, energy and biodiversity. Water also helps to combat poverty. It helps to build a more sustainable future for Africa.

NEXTEC’s water technology solutions make a difference. We play a meaningful role in water treatment and storage for communities. We also provision and manage this scarce resource.




Watari, Kano State

During 2009-2011, NEXTEC undertook the design and build of a new 75 Mld AUDU BAKO water treatment plant. The key objective was to deliver clean, potable drinking water to thousands of people in several towns and villages.


The treated water quality from the plant exceeded the WHO guidelines for drinking water. We completed the project on budget and on schedule.



Kazungula Water Treatment Plant

NEXTEC addressed poor water quality, intermittent supply and poor hygiene by constructing and installing treatment solutions. We completed the project in June 2018, comprising of:

·         Rehabilitation of water treatment works

·         Water supply infrastructure development

·         Communal sanitation facilities


NEXTEC achieved the objective of enhancing cross-border trade and transport.  We provided sustainable and equitable access to the improved water supply.


The project contributed to the demand for improved health, alleviation of poverty and improved climate resilience.



Redcliff Town Sewage Works

The aged and failing infrastructure required urgent and immediate attention due to mounting health and environmental concerns. NEXTEC assisted Pump Systems Africa as a mechanical sub-contractor for the supply of mechanical equipment.


To return the sewerage treatment plant to full capacity, we provided:

·         A 37kw fixed, bridge-mounted aerator

·         A primary settling tank

·         Final settling tank



Palapye Water Treatment Works

Insufficient and intermittent water supply led to the appointment of NEXTEC. We undertook an audit of existing process and equipment.  Our goal was to supply the surrounding community with 18 megalitres per day.


Completing the project gave more people access to clean potable water.  The improved water quality provided better health and safety outcomes.




NEXTEC undertook the design & build of a new 150 megalitre per day water treatment plant.  This plant now delivers safe, clean drinking water to the city of Kano and surrounding areas.


The Kano River is the source for raw water.  After using conventional treatment processes, we produced potable water that exceeds the WHO guidelines.  The client then appointed NEXTEC to provide three years of Operation & Maintenance Services.  Through the extended contract we provide hands-on training to operating and maintenance staff.



Thune Dam – Bobirwa area

NEXTEC designed and installed the water treatment works to supply drinking water in the area.  The Dam also provides irrigation water to an agricultural project nearby.


The successful project ensures water delivery to the villages of Bobonong, Motlhabaneng, Mathathane, Tsetsebjwe, Mabolwe, Semolale, Gobojango, Lepokole and Molalatau.



Coca-Cola bottling facility – Matola Gare

NEXTEC oversaw the wastewater treatment plant and mechanical works at this project. The plant receives, treats, and safely discharges effluent received from the bottling plant.


The plant now pioneers sustainable projects. For example, we reuse and recycle water using energy saving technologies.