Taking empowerment to the global stage

Taking empowerment to the global stage

In association with international engineering bodies, NEXTEC builds worldwide consulting engineering skills through training programmes.

NEXTEC executive, Dr Michele Kruger, took part in an initiative to train 50 of the most promising young consulting engineers from around the world.  The training took place in Berlin, Germany.

Michele is part of an international team of mentors in the esteemed International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) Young Professionals Management Training Programmes.  The programme grows future leaders in the consulting engineering industry and similar technology-based firms.

The programme included online and face-to-face training sessions that took place ahead of the FIDIC conference in September 2018. Michele assisted young engineers to build capacity in a range of key areas including

  • Marketing
  • Networking and client communication
  • Project development
  • Financial management
  • Risk management and quality management

Her fellow trainers are highly regarded retired engineers from Canada, Germany and Denmark. It is a great honour for Michele to train alongside them, considering her age of just 40 years. Michele is committed to assisting young engineers build successful careers while tackling relevant issues such as climate change, innovation and the fourth industrial revolution.

Michele is writing a book aimed specifically at young engineers and women engineers.  The book explores the practical knowledge and skills needed to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing business and technological environment. She maintains today’s engineer has to become accustomed to doing business at a much higher level of risk than their predecessors.