Growing sub-Saharan Africa

Growing sub-Saharan Africa

NEXTEC supports major water and power utility initiatives in Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia.  We use technology to improve situation awareness. We interpret and analyse network data and enhance data capturing from various distribution assets and devices.

A World Bank report claims that utilities in sub-Saharan African countries vary in performance and efficiencies. Recent studies show that distribution losses within African utilities exceed 0.5% of GDP. In a continent lacking enough power and water resources, the problem matters.

Several East African utilities have distribution losses that exceed 18%.  Key factors contributing to technical and non-technical losses are:

  • Overloaded transformers
  • Unbalanced loads
  • Poor power factors
  • Voltages below design criteria
  • Fraudulent activities by consumers
  • Defective meters
  • Errors in meter readings

Utilities aim to reduce distribution losses and increase revenue.  To achieve these goals, they require load balancing and improved asset optimisation. Visibility throughout the distribution network is vital – if you want to manage it, measure it.

Utilities like Kenya Power employ smart technologies to create a 21st century grid that offers:

  • Real-time network monitoring
  • Digital transformation of the asset management cycle based on internet of things (IoT) technologies
  • Advanced data analytics
  • More visibility and control of infrastructure assets like transformers

By combining our thinking with the wealth of domain expertise within the broader NEXTEC group, value is maximised, and the magic happens. Our objective is to assist utilities throughout sub-Saharan Africa to reach their goals by providing solutions and services to deliver on the objectives.

Utilities require smarter systems, processes and technology. Smart Utilities solutions by NEXTEC connect people to the resources they need, creating efficiencies, improving lives, and moving society forward.