Applying Creative Intelligence in Healthcare

Applying Creative Intelligence in Healthcare

Healthcare inflation remains a global challenge. Economies grow at single digit percentages and healthcare inflation grows at double digit numbers.  In most countries, access to healthcare is a basic right.  Given these trends, how does one help to transform this industry to the benefit of many?  

One of the key economic barriers to a well-functioning healthcare system is its fragmented nature with no alignment of incentives.  We should reimagine the challenge through a question.  Is it possible to create a healthcare system with aligned stakeholders?  A system where the ultimate solution is patient-centric and for the benefit of the many.

The NEXTEC approach to such a real-world problem is to constitute a cross-functional diverse team with several disciplines.  We assemble intelligence from public health, creative sciences, behavioural economics, biomedical statistics, and actuarial disciplines. The diversity of the team and culture of creative problem solving, stimulates the development of solutions.

Such a solution is fundamentally different from current quantity-based systems.  The focus delivers quality-based systems, where the payment model rewards shared-value, through mutually vested interests.  The solution moves from the current system of ‘the more I do, the more I get paid’.  The desired system is ‘the more patients I help heal, the better my outcomes, the more I get paid’.

In the latter system, the patients stand to gain the most (a quality-based/value-based outcome).  Stakeholders, such as service providers, stand to benefit as their outcomes improve and their services become more efficient. Overall, the whole health care system benefits through a Vested Contracting relationship model because higher quality outcomes occur at lower cost.

When our President, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa said, Thuma Mina (Send me), we stuck up our hands and so did NEXTEC.  We did some out-the-box thinking with the desire to assemble some of the best minds and hearts in this country.  From a strategic point of view, NEXTEC’s Business Process Outsourcing creates a brand with high levels of domain expertise and autonomy.

Now is the time to solve new world problems through Creative Intelligence.